Express Medical Solutions – ExpressTriage

The Cost Containment Solution for Workplace Injury


Express Medical can make sure injured workers get the appropriate care when and where needed. Get help from medical professionals to make the right decision, when and where needed.

Nurse Triage Services
The advice nurse guides the employee through the
appropriate level of care:

    • Self-Care/First Aid
    • Direct referral to a network provider
    • Referral to Private Physician



Our focus is on any industry, company, or organization where there is a significant risk of workplace injury. Mitigate risk through immediate intervention. Transfer liability by removing company supervisors from the medical decision-making process.

  • Avoid the direct/indirect costs of workplace injury
  • Reduce medical spend and improve return to work
  • Decrease claims (40% or more) and cost of claims
  • Improve claims outcomes


The service is affordable, flexible, and easily accessed.
One call for all workplace injuries.

  • Event details documented
  • Triage for appropriate care and next steps
  • First Aid FIRST
  • Referral when indicated
  • Event reporting


Let us help you manage on-the-job injuries. Improve employee retention, increase productivity, and create a healthier and happier workforce

Express Medical can help!